Illustration Project Launch – “Who Lives Here? and Synechdoche Presentation

We were having a presentation about Synechdoche which was aiming to introduce ourselves deeply in people’s characters and how they are build. How people are stereotyped with and how they look like inside considering what the wear, what they eat, what kind of family they are coming, how they act in different situations and which are these little things that build everyone’s character. Then we looked at some photographs which represents someone’s particular character through the object or place into the photography. What different objects mean for this person and how we relate them with him.  Below we can see an example of what I am talking about. It is a Portrait of Mondrian by Andre  Kertesz.

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After that, we looked at some photographs of places which also represent synechdoche and how these places including buildings, objects and environment relate to people’s characteristics.

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After having this interesting presentation we received the brief for the next part of the project. We needed to build a character who is living in our Greenstone city and to relate that person with the intentions and motives of the city and then with all of the people in our group to make a network between them for example make a family or university friendships, etc. The most interesting about the process of building these characters was that we needed to go deeper in What they believe in? What are their aims? What they eat for breakfast? What are their phobias? How they respond to the current regime/manifesto? What are their inspirations for living greener and keep sustainable living? and so on. So, I was exited to examine this part of the project because I found it a little bit philosophical when it comes to the features of people’s characters.  Because our characters are not so simple thing and we constantly keep building them and when we are facing different situations they show and prove us what kind of characters we are. And there are a lot of factors which reflect to them like environment, people surrounding us, period of living and so much more that these. Fortunately, we had a presentation run by our out tutors which show us great examples of what we are going to do in the next few weeks and useful link to have a look at them and familiarize ourselves better.

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Before I start doing the research I decided to go through the presentation of out tutors early today and make some notes. I noticed that we can find a lot of key words and information on these presentations which can save us a lot of time struggling and thinking of some problem just because we did not go trough this process carefully. This is just my point of view and studying method.  So, I wrote down everything I think it’s important form the slides. Someone can find it a little bit  weird to rewrite just the same information as you can find on the presentation but I do remember better when I write it into a paper and that is also way of practicing my language skills.

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I went for research about what are the key features which build our characters and how can we translate a photo of someone. Quite interesting article which worth reading it and spending a time to think about it is What build character! There are great examples and suggestions about building strong human character! I will write the quotes I found meaningfull and expiring.  “But the character is more than visual. Character is engraved within us. The engraving is not always planned and clean. The word “character” comes from the Greek kharakter that means “engraved mark.” , “We should never ignore our habits, though. Habits effect character. Eating right. Exercising frequently. Reading often. All these elements provide the nutrients for a clear mind, activating spirit, and strong backbone. Good habits feed our inner goodness.”  Again I wrote some notes from this article above to keep them for future character development.

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9 surprisingly things that your physical appearance says about you. was the another article that grabbed my attention and I found it useful for the research before starting creating my character.

Character Design

I started with the sheet, form our tutors, given to us which was aiming to help us during the building process of our characters. Then I started answering the questions in details to describe my character better and everyone who is reading it to familiarize well with her. 2313

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